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Casual solid 925 sterling silver bangle bracelet jewelry pink rubellite tourmaline cabochon pattern handmade

Casual solid 925 sterling silver bangle bracelet jewelry pink rubellite tourmaline cabochon pattern handmade

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Bangle with pink rubellite tourmaline cabochon

Casual solid sterling silver bangle

Size: Length is 17cm without opening, width 17.5mm (please measure the arm joint to see if the hoop fits) 17cm is not for delicate joints. My arm joint is about 15cm in circumference and the bangle is much too big for me because it is curved oval.

Material: Sterling Silver 925

pink rubellite tourmaline cabochon 19x12mm the tourmaline is natural and untreated with a beautiful intense color!

In our Sunbird Shop you will find jewelry pieces that are more individualized. I like it when the surface is matte, blackened or sometimes a little rough and not always polished to high gloss and mirror polished. Also some unevenness are quite desirable and intended.
Each piece of jewelry has its own character and is a unique beauty and is a single piece, one that does not exist a second time. Many of our gemstones, we picked out from a large quantity of raw material to search for the best pieces and quality and cut our gemstones by our self.

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All our jewellery is hand made from high quality materials and with love and care.

General Information, please read before purchasing:

<> We do not ship to packing stations.

<> All our jewels are delivered well packed.

<> We try to make our photos in daylight and sunshine, so that the colors remain unaltered.
Nevertheless, there may be slight color differences between the item and the picture, especially as the colors are presented somewhat differently on each screen.

<> Please note the size specifications! The jewels are sometimes photographed with a macro lens in order to make the details more visible.

<> All items are displayed as truthfully as possible. If the stone still does not meet your expectations,if there is a problem with the size or shipment, please contact us, we will take care of as soon as possible for it. Only if you are satisfied with your order, we are too.

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